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Que me disculpe el español pero prefiero escribir en inglés todo el artículo...

Follow this steps to get a hello world project fastly, running on a windows os.

- Windows OS.
- Free internet without proxies (if not installation packages must fail).


1) Get a good windows console program like CMDER full with Github. Rememember to open Cmder as admin.

2) Install NODEJS last version. Verify it after installation by console with: node -v

3) Install NPM version 4 (it must be compatible with expo, so just install 4 for now) by console:
npm install -g npm@4
Verify it after installation with: npm -v

4) Install Expo from Facebook by console with:

npm install exp --global

Remember to check node or nodejs, npm and exp to be included into your PATH variable.

If all ok you should be allowed to type exp on console with this result:

5) Create an EXPO ACCOUNT. You must have internet without proxies or this registration could fail.

6) Install EXPO CLIENT into your mobile device.

7) For write code get a good IDE like ATOM IDE, then install react, react-redux and other atom packages if you like.

8) On your explorer create a workspace folder, then go to your Cmder console and type:

exp init MY-APP

9) Preview your React Native App typing on your console (inside your app folder):

exp start

Then you must open your expo android/ios application on your device, then select scan QR, and just get that code on your pc... then it will start automatically if you have done all steps ok.

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